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Orwell famously said, "‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.’".

I would rephrase that today as, "‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine fingernails scraping down a chalkboard – for ever."

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When the Soviets took over Kazakhstan, they began searching for the bourgeoisie and proletariate. Unfortunately for them, Kazakhs were primarily hunter/gatherers. So, they didn't have obvious owners and workers like the industrial societies Marx was writing about. "No matter! We'll just say those with historical wealth are the owners (or "bai"), and those without are the innocent proletariate."

Unfortunately, if you look back far enough - everyone - has some historical wealth. So, anyone could be persecuted. The same is happening here. If you create some amorphous historical guilt, you can justify anything, and persecute anyone. 1.5 million people starved or died from internal repression in Kazakhstan. Let's not do this again.

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Mike, you need not backpedal. We are witnessing the seeds of genocide.

Society-wide anxieties resulting from rapid technological change and the breakdown of stabilizing institutions, including the mass media, are causing people to coalesce around ideologies that represent a utopian future.

The two scenarios of a questionable “cohesive ideological framework” and the forces of “deconstruction and decay” don’t offset each other. They are mutually reinforcing.

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I agree with you, Mike, that any deaths will be due to incompetence more than anything. There have already been a few deaths from bursts of violence during protests and other events. I don't foresee any mass deaths directly due to violence but possibly because of starvation owing to the capture of the agricultural industry.

My prediction is they would create programs where only animals that are distressed and have requested medically assisted suicide will be slaughtered for meat. (There will be someone who is deemed to have the shaman-like ability to interpret these communications.) At least in the beginning, it will be mainly dogs, cats, and other animals that have historically received preferential treatment. Produce will only be allowed to be grown by indigenous peoples on their ancestral lands, according to their ancestral practices, lowering yields astronomically - but making for great social media posts about the cultural richness of the Such-And-Such Tribe's method of hand-sowing gourd seeds.

Of course, to do this, they'll have to actually get out there and do hard physical labor. Screaming and shouting won't do them any good as animals don't peruse social media and can't be made to understand hierarchies of privilege. Except for cats. Cats are very aware they are the top of the hierarchy. Dogs will just be happy to go on a walk, even if people are waving signs and shouting the whole time.

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I think much of their goal is thwarted by the deliberate systematic breakdown of public education. They have done such a great job of making kids dumb and lazy, that their rebuilding of the system in their utopian image has a great hurdle in making kids listen or care about such esoteric subjects.

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"Things like “remaining apolitical” or saying “there are two sides to every story,” are apparently pavers laid down on the road to genocide. I’m not convinced."

Eric Metaxas: Silence is NOT An Option | Letter To The American Church


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"A few readers have contacted me about a recently released discussion between James Lindsay and Jordan Peterson. They cover ground related to my documentary, The Reformers, and Peterson creates space for James to sketch out his origin story. It’s a fascinating conversation that’s available on Dr Peterson’s YouTube channel."

If you have not watched the Jordan Peterson interview, all I can say is, your mother no longer loves you, Everyone is laughing at you behind your back. You just go stand in the corner and think about it.

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