Hi Mike,

I just arrived here from Patreon.

As a cognitive scientist who got canceled himself, I have a insights into the psychology of the cancelers that few have. I made a video that describes part of my current understanding of why canceling has the features it has.


You might find it useful.



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May 11, 2023Liked by Michael Nayna

I supported you a few years ago via another platform, and am glad I can finally give you support again! And you have my permission to use my name on your next feature film :)

Thank you for all the work you're doing with Peter, James, Helen, Brett and Heather. I'm one of those crazy people that have been following them since the Evergreen blow up and watched anything Benjamin has released about it. It's more than 24 episodes by the way, I think that's just the "official" episodes that are labeled - there are far more, probably close to 100+ by now - and I have watched them all.

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Looking forward to this one!

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