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Exclusive Scenes & Clips: I’ll share interesting moments and behind-the-scenes videos with you here that can’t be viewed anywhere else.

Deep Dives: I regularly delve into old texts, flesh out new concepts, and interview deep thinkers as research and development for new films. From this work, I’ll write up articles and create short films to share with you.

Collaborations: I like to network with thinkers and dissidents that are grappling with the most pressing problems of our time. I’ll seek out and collaborate with these people in various ways, and help them to express complicated ideas visually.

Interaction: One purpose of this publication is to involve subscribers in my filmmaking process. If my work is something you enjoy then you can influence the direction I take by offering feedback and insights of your own.

Contributing to growth: As more funding flows through this platform you’ll notice the scale and scope of my output grow. Right now I’m working odd jobs to keep everything afloat; initially, funds will enable me to devote more time to The Process, later you’ll start to see more video content, and then you’ll notice the quality of the video content improve.

Eventually, you’ll see location shoots, animations, bespoke b-roll, collaborations with musicians, DOPs, and complex journalistic endeavors like my involvement in the Grievance Studies Affair.

I’ve discovered that working honestly within the established film industry isn’t possible for me so this platform is an attempt to erect an independent model for my work. I’ll shoot films on my iPhone if need be but my goal is to bring establishment-grade production value to the open web and feature people and ideas that are unusual to see in high-level productions.

- Michael Nayna

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The Process emerged from an intuition that the deep R&D work of filmmaking was fascinating enough to attract an audience and that by sharing it, in many unpolished forms, I could gain momentum for large-scale feature productions.


I'm a documentary filmmaker with an interest in people, mass media, and internet anthropology.