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New Film Drops Sunday

The Post Liberals with Eric Kaufmann

I’m putting the final touches on The Post Liberals with Eric Kaufmann, a film I pulled together from a discussion I had with Eric in London.

Eric Kaufmann - Professor of Politics

Eric and I met at a dinner party where we got into a deep discussion about the Post-liberal political movement. The post-liberals represent a radically different form of politics that doesn’t fit into the political spectrum as most conceive it. They’re conservative yet they take on Marxist analysis, they have no qualms with connecting church and state, and they question the liberal order at its foundational principles.

I recognised many similarities between the post-liberal academic theory Eric spoke about and a vibrant counter-cultural movement I’d been tracking on the web, so I invited him to continue our conversation on camera to see if we could make sense of the connections.

The film is slated for release this Sunday. It’s essential viewing as I’m confident this fairly nascent intellectual movement will become a far more prominent feature of the political landscape in the not-too-distant future.

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The Process
The Process
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